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Welcome to the 2000 Normandy fieldtrip survival guide. These web pages will provide you with all you need to know to negotiate your way around this adventure. You will land on the beaches (well, quite close to them), see Mulberry Harbours, Hill 112, the Corridor of Death, tanks, aircraft and a wide variety of museums. The map above is interactive, so you can go to areas of interest.The pages themselves are divided into various sections, some covering specific days of the trip, offering background information and insights into what you be seeing. Click on the blue links to navigate your way around. You'll usually see a 'Home' or 'Back to...' link that will get you back to where you started. That way you shouldn't get lost!

Keep in mind that you should be thinking and analysing throughout and considering what you will be writing up in your learning journal each evening. If you have a project title in mind you may find material that will be able to incorporate later or you may pick up on a topic that you will later develop into your final piece of work. Each day will cover specific parts of the campaign, though not always in chronological order. The morning will begin with a short briefing over breakfast as we will set out what the day will bring. In the evening, after dinner, there will be a debriefing where questions can be asked, though not always answered and points and issues from the day can be discussed. If in doubt about anything, ask one of the campaign leaders.

Make the most of the trip - it’s your investment in time and money, after all. Finally, if it rains remember that the troops in 1944 had to put up with a good deal more.

Well, here are the villains of the piece...

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